In the spring of 2019, before anyone had heard of COVID-19, Scott began investigating a global measles epidemic. Filming with top public health officials–including Tony Fauci, Paul Offit and Peter Hotez–as well as rare interviews with anti-vaccine activists – like Robert Kennedy, Jr., Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree – those who were persuading parents by the millions to refuse vaccines for their children. Then COVID-19 happened.

Both skeptical and hopeful, SHOT IN THE ARM explores vaccine hesitancy historically and in the context of the pandemic. Can we replace cynicism with healthy curiosity and bridge the political divides that make us sick?  Can we counter disinformation with decency?

“The underlying meaning of what makes SHOT IN THE ARM important is that it’s a mirror revealing how selfish we as a society have become. It is a call to humanity to take a step back before we are all eliminated or too sick to care for anyone, let alone ourselves.”

— Sabina Dana Plasse, Film Threat

“We come away with renewed admiration for the scientists who continued to tell the truth despite threats against them and their families. The film will provoke widespread admiration, along with outbursts of anger from the stubborn anti-vax crowd!”

— Stephen Farber, Hollywood Reporter

“As a snapshot of how viral paranoia spreads in an age of alternative facts, Kennedy’s politely furious polemic is urgent and timely!”

 — Stephen Dalton, Verdict Magazine

“SHOT IN THE ARM is really the kick in the pants we ALL need to preserve the sanctity of science and protect the most vulnerable among us. Go see this film!”

—  Lipi Roy, Forbes Magazine

“A searing examination of the roots of misinformation, and how viewers can combat this issue with understanding and education!”

—  Daisy Scott, VOICE Magazine

“Seeing SHOT IN THE ARM made me sad, it made me angry, and it made me want to wake up tomorrow and get back in the game!” 

Academy Award Nominee Scott Hamilton Kennedy’s FOOD EVOLUTION resets the GMO controversy, highlighting the importance of using the scientific method to help everyone – from parents to politicians – make better decisions. The film is narrated by the esteemed astrophysicist and science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson and was one of the most controversial and well-received documentaries of 2017, with a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

“FOOD EVOLUTION is as honest a look at the role science needs to play in our lives as any other film out there.” 

— Neil deGrasse Tyson

“Calm, careful, potentially revolutionary, “Food Evolution” is an iconoclastic documentary on a hot-button topic. Persuasive rather than polemical, it’s the unusual issue film that deals in counterintuitive reason rather than barely controlled hysteria.”

— Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

“With a soft tone, respectful to opponents but insistent on the data, ‘Food Evolution’ posits an inconvenient truth for organic boosters to swallow: In a world desperate for safe, sustainable food, G.M.O.s may well be a force for good.”

— Daniel Gold, The New York Times

“A polished and provocative call for activists to be as scientifically minded as they believe they are.”

— John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

“Food Evolution is a refreshingly upbeat take on a despised business sector.”

— Sam Weisberg, The Village Voice

“Draws strongly on viewers’ emotions but it doesn’t skimp on science…Food Evolution takes viewers from the trenches of the anti-GMO movement, around the world to farmers’ fields, and to laboratories of scientists tackling some of the most pressing agricultural challenges of our time.”

— Kavin Senapathy, Forbes

“Kennedy unabashedly admires scientists, and Food Evolution is his rallying cry to make advocacy as important as lab work.”

— Serena Donadoni, LA Weekly

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