How It Works

Time Capsule Movies are created in collaboration between the family and our filmmaking team.

First, fill out our very brief Time Capsule QuestionnaireUpon our review of that, we will set up a call to discuss it in more detail.  On that initial call, we will discuss the most important elements you and your family want for your movie, such as:

– What do you want your audience to feel at the end of the film?

– What genre/style of documentary would you like?

– How many characters/family members will be in the film?

– How much archival material does your family have?

And don’t worry, you don’t need to be a filmmaking expert to answer these questions.  Everyone knows what movies they have loved, and how those movies made them feel.

After this initial call, we will put together a proposed budget and schedule.  Once that is approved, we would move on to the actual production starting with an initial meal (or Skype) with you and your family to help us get to know each other.  This will be followed by one to three or more days of filming and culling of archival materials, then several weeks of editing to craft the materials into a movie.

You will have the opportunity to see an early cut of your film to give one detailed round of notes/comments for suggested changes, followed by one shorter round of notes before we finalize and master the film.  Once the film is mastered, we will deliver the film as:

-An HD streaming link (such as Vimeo)

-A full resolution Quicktime video file

-A DVD and Blu-Ray master.

-The original footage on a hard drive for your family’s archives.

All Time Capsule Movies are produced with professional production qualities compatible with the best documentaries on the market.  Our budgets are determined by maintaining that quality, and adjusted according to the needs of a particular movie such as length, locations, number of shoot days, original score, or any other elements you desire.

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